My poem for today …


He thought he was a separate thing, apart,
inside a universe of other separate things
surrounding him and causing him to start
a fight at every turn with all the “kings”

that tried to rule him, kings like doubt and lack
and illness. Then one day he saw a light
that shined so clear and bright he turned his back
on his belief in separateness. The sight

of something new came into view, a world
where nothing was alone and frail, but all
was part of one eternal flow that curled
around and through and over like a shawl

of well-made oneness. He could now
see how mistaken he had been! He saw
a world that clearly showed him how
an endless oneness was the only king and law!

Now, he lives in peace and feels oneness sing
of safety like a loving, calming king.

Cia is away today with her good friends Evelyn and Peter, so this morning I had the unusual experience of exercising by myself. I had arranged to meet my good friend Alan at McQuades for coffee at 10:00, so I left the house around 9:00, walked down to the cemetery, then back up to the market for coffee and a visit with Alan, and then back home, a total of about 3 miles – not especially brisk or strenuous exercise, but good enough to bring a fresh feeling to my fortunate 78-year-old body.

Our chalkboard poem for today …

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