Friday, December 27, 2019

This morning, we did a wonderful walk into Mystic – past the Mystic Seaport with occasional sightings of the river, then over the famous Mystic drawbridge, and ending at Sift Bake Shop for a tasty breakfast. Then, it was back home along the west side of the river, with lovely views of ships at the seaport and flocks of waterfowl, and finally home again on Riverbend Drive – a total walk of about 6.7 miles.

Then, this afternoon we saw the new movie version of Little Women, and we both loved it. I was struggling with tears now and then as the life of this deeply loving family unfolded. It helped me realize, for the umpteenth time, that all of life is a splendid blend of loathing and love, sadness and rejoicing, turmoil and tranquility. I left the theater a wiser man, friend, and husband.

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