Saturday, December 21, 2019

4:04 pm: Today, we drove up to watch Josh play in a basketball game, and it was all great fun – the scenic drive up through the forests of eastern Connecticut, the fun of seeing our grandson shooting and racing the court and giving his absolute all in the game, and the pure pleasure of visiting with Luke and Rachael and the three kids back in their cozy home. I am so impressed with those children – how gracious and grown up they seem to be, as though they are truly adult children, or child adults. I sense a great deal of inner strength in those kids, the kind of strength that will surely win most of the various inner contests that will come their way in their teen years.

On the way home, we stopped at Panera for a light lunch, and it was a satisfying ending to a sweet family visit. A family in the large table near us was celebrating Christmas with an exchange of gifts and smiles, and it reminded me, again, of the good fortune of having a loving family. For sure, not everyone is that fortunate.

I love this message (and the artwork) …

Below, our chalkboard poem for today …

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