December 8, 2019

I’ve been a lackadaisical journal keeper these last many days, just drifting away from the daily steadiness of it. There is something special about staying consistent with a project, almost any project, just doing it over and over because it’s important to you, and I have surely not been consistent with the project of keeping a daily journal. I think I’ve done a lot of frittering in the last couple of weeks – a lot of spending minutes and hours inpulsively and unwisely. I don’t think I’ve been lazy – just erratic and inconstant and inattentive – just sort of drifting instead of aiming.

Well, hopefully that’s over for at least awhile, and perhaps I can watch carefully for the next onset of drifting and stop it before it starts.

Life has been very good, as almost always, for Delycia and me the last few days. We’ve been going to the YMCA. each morning, as we often do, and now we are back to taking showers there instead of at home. It’s quite a luxury, really, to use “the family locker room”, which is reserved for old folks and parents and their children. It’s very well furnished with lockers and private rooms for changing and showering, and it’s been just about empty every time we have used it. I feel like someone special in that locker room, like I’m a prince in his castle instead of an old-timer at the local Y.

Below – a stunning sunrise from our backyard …

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