Saturday, November 24, 2019

This morning, I dropped Delycia off at the YMCA for her workout at about 7:15, and then I walked about 2 1/2 miles along the coast near the Y, circling back just as she was finishing up. It was a pleasing sort of walk for me, and it seemed like something almost new as I walked the curves and slight ups and downs along the water. I’ve done lots of walking along River Road bordering the Mystic River, but I’m not sure I ever walked this meandering shady road on the shore of Block Island Sound. It’s a beauty, just like so many special roads along the Connecticut coast, and I took pleasure in getting to see some lovely sights – below – as I walked.

We enjoyed a wonderful visit from Annie and Louie this afternoon, filled with happy activities. For the first hour or so, we just laughed and almost shouted with each other as we enjoyed the fun that friends have together when they haven’t seen each other for awhile. Amid this good fun, Annie prepared a lunch for she and Louie, and Cia and I set out some tasty leftovers for ourselves.

After lunch, we drove over to a local nature sanctuary and had an easygoing walk around a pond, stopping now and then for Louie to look carefully at something or to leap from rock to rock with casual elegance. A highlight of our visit to the sanctuary was the buildings where injured raptor birds are housed – owls and hawks of various shapes and sizes. We loved just looking at them as they sat almost utterly still and stared at us.

great horned owl

Then, this evening we had more happy hours with our guests, joined by Matty, which made Louie extra happy. While Louie and Matty played a board game, Annie cooked up a tasty, robust lentil soup for us, and we enjoyed more laughs and fun around the dinner table. Our fun-filled day came to end in front of a small, warming fire as we kept our kindness and love going strong.

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