Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Yesterday, we took a drive up to Providence to get some neurological-psychological tests done for me, and it turned out to be a rewarding, adventurous, even exciting day for me. That serious medical exams could be an actually pleasant experience sounds implausible, I know, but in this case, it’s true.

First of all, it was an easygoing, relaxing drive, as our drives together almost always are. Delycia drove, and we sometimes chatted along the way, sometimes stayed quiet and enjoyed the journey. It was just highways, traffic, and big buildings, but, as we usually do, we made it into a fairly cheery adventure.

Second, I actually enjoyed my neuropsych exam with Dr. Melissa Buttaro. She was a gracious and understanding professional, and the tests she put me through were quite engaging, sometimes almost riveting. I think I was smiling most of the time as I mentally squeezed, danced, and juggled my way through the tests. The tests, I quickly realized, were testing my creativity as much as my memory, and so I guess I took up the challenge and chose to have some fun. Plus … I think I scored pretty well. I will be shocked if my grade is lower than a solid ‘B’. On a neuropsych memory test at the age of 77, that would be a score to be proud of.

We’ve been watching the televised impeachment inquiry, and it continues to pull a blanket of sadness over me – sadness for our country, and for the human race. I’ve grown so weary, these last few days, of the unmitigated meanness expressed by some of the speakers, the kind of meanness that only produces more meanness and never works toward understanding and resolution. The hearing often sounds more like high schoolers browbeating and bullying someone than adults seeking something good for their country.

But there is definitely hope. People like Marie Yovanovitch, Lt. Cl. Alex Vindman, and many others who bravely testified in this inquiry created hope for our country with every sincere and fearless word.

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