Friday, November 15, 2019

We feel fortunate today that our final sunrise walk was perhaps the most striking of all. This morning’s forecast called for storms, but since there was no sign of rain at 6:00 am, we decided to set out with windbreakers and hats for one last beachwalk-at-dawn — and how lucky we were! The slowly lightening sky was beyond beautiful.

And finally – THE SUN!

Here are two very lucky – and very happy – beach walkers!

For several hours today, we sat in the condo watching a brave and dignified woman testify in Trump’s impeachment hearing. Marie Yovanovitch will always remain a heroic figure to me – someone who stood strong and unshaken under 5+ hours of questions from members of Congress. She obviously loves her country more than popularity, and loves being honest more than being safe. For decades she faced all kinds of dangers in her work as a diplomat in troubled countries, and today she faced congress and a national audience with inspiring stateliness and distinction.

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