Wednesday, November 13, 2019

This morning, very early, around 5:45, we packed our thermoses with hot chocolate and coffee and carried our chairs down to the still dark beach. The sky was slowly lightening, but both sea and sky still seemed to be shades of dark gray, with just a little line of light along the incoming surf. It was an almost chilly morning, so we huddled in our beach chairs, sipping our hot drinks and scanning the sea and sky for signs of light.

Before long, several shadowy figures passed, walking close to the shore and shining yellow and red lights before and around them, perhaps watching both for shells and for dips in the sand to be avoided. It was fun to see them and their lights slowly disappear into the pre-dawn darkness.

After about 30 minutes, with some golden light faintly shining on the far shore, and a brisk, wet wind blowing, we folded our chairs and walked back along the still dark path to our dry, cozy condo – and warm breakfasts and more hot chocolate and coffee.

After watching a few hours of bullying and browbeating as the House impeachment inquiry got underway, we took a refreshing bike ride up to the beautiful Sanibel library (below)

where we hung out among books and puzzles and paintings and large windows with inspiring views.

After the childish harassment we saw displayed by some members of congress earlier, the library was a welcome haven of reserve and dignity.

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