Tuesday, November 12, 2019

How lucky we are to have this view in the minutes before sunrise as we do our daily meditation on the linai overlooking the courtyard and the distant ocean! …

We had a wonderful adventure this morning, kayaking on a guided tour on Tarpon Bay and Commodore Creek with a few other adventurers. Our leader, Mandy, was superb as she patiently and meticulously guided us through the bay and then along the narrow, curvy creek, always giving us detailed, helpful information about the habitat’s plants and animals. I loved the dark mystery-like atmosphere of the creek, especially since I had never before, in all my 77 years, journeyed like this through this kind of tropical setting. It was all abstruse and mystifying to me – and very beautiful, in its unique, inscrutable way.

our tour group starting out, with Mandy (facing left, in light green jacket) giving some instruction
a friend taking a picture
while a friend takes her picture
Mandy sharing some info
while Delycia listens carefully

an old adventurer in heaven
three photos
of three beautiful birds

At 5:39 pm, early evening light from the linai …

and at 5:49 …

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