Monday, November 11, 2019

Just one photo for yesterday … here we are on our early morning beach walk, trying to do a selfie and catch the sun just rising above the horizon behind us. Not a super photo, but definitely a pair of handsome hikers.

Shortly after our beach walk and breakfast, I rode down to the Christian Science Sunday service – about 4 miles from our condo – and attended an inspiring Sunday service. The church is a small, simple, tidy place, perfect for feeling the wisdom of the hymns and the week’s lesson sermon, as well as the graciousness of the church members who welcomed me. When I left, I felt a powerful leading to return to worshiping regularly at the Christian Science Church in Mystic. We shall see ….

We had a sort of lazy afternoon and evening. I spent a good part of the time in front of the TV watching football games, a longtime pastime of mine until just a few years ago. It was fun to find the joy of Sunday afternoon TV football once again – and it was a great pleasure to have Delycia with me much of the way, watching and actually appreciating this strange ‘guy sport’ that involves men basically beating each other up.

Today we did our usual early morning meditation, and here’s what we saw as we sat on our linai at 6:30 a.m., 13 minutes before sunrise, with the beach just visible in the distance …

This morning we rode about 4 miles east to the Sanibel Lighthouse, and spent some time walking the beach and exploring the area. Near the lighthouse, Cia found a wonderful large map mounted on a board that showed in excellent detail the various trails to travel and sights to see in that area – and we definitely intend to return there in the next few days.

The Sanibel Lighthouse

My beautiful, happy beach-walking buddy

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