Saturday, November 9, 2019

This morning was a windy one on the shore. From our condo we could see the palm trees tossing and the sea surface pushing strongly toward the west. After meditation and breakfast in the breezy linai, we started to prepare for a bike ride to Tarpon Bay where we had reserved a place on a kayak guided tour, when we decided, based on the weather, to cancel our reservation. So … we had an unexpectedly quiet morning, sitting in the linai with books and breezes and coffee and almost silent rain slanting across the courtyard below dark shifting clouds above the sea.

After the rain cleared, we briskly walked a half mile to our favorite (for now) cafe, the Lazy Flamingo, and enjoyed delicious fish platters and – as always – rewarding conversation.

shore birds lunching on our walk to the cafe

our lunch feast (my grouper on the right, her salmon on the left)

After returning home, we donned our shore-walking outfits and walked double-quick down the beach and back – for a morning’s total of about 3 ½ miles of speedy walking – not bad for two in their late 70s!

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