Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Another happy sunrise walk this morning, leaving the condo at 6:15 …

The new day is slowly arriving.
This is true southern happiness!
And there it is!!
Could anyone be happier?
My love, striding down the beach …
Two shadows, two dear friends …

On our walk back to the condo, we saw these big beauties…

After a fine lunch at the Lazy Flamingo Cafe,

we rode our bikes a few miles to the place where we rented them, and I was able to exchange mine for one with a much softer seat and smoother gear-shifting. Then, we glided away on our bikes for another few miles to a grocery store, where I made a few purchases and Cia did some price-checking to help with planning our future trips to Sanibel. (She is our all-purpose travel agent, and a super-competent one, for sure!)

Here’s a poem I wrote several years ago ..


He sometimes tries to find

the limits of things like love.

Can you love only so much

and then it finishes at a fence

or peters out like a small stream?

Is love like a savings account

that could quietly come to an end,

and then no more money or love?

He thinks the answer is no,

for each day he rides on a sea

that has no shore,

is borne along by breezes

that never began.

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