Tuesday, November 5, 2019

This morning we took our first sunrise walk – first of many, we hope. We left the condo at 6:00 a.m., and walked in the darkness down the softly lit courtyard path toward the beach.

We saw one shadowy person standing in the darkness some distance from the path, but otherwise the courtyard was empty and silent as we walked. At the beach, the tide was fairly high and the surf was singing its soft morning song. We walked at a brisk pace, watching the light in the eastern sky as it slowly spread.

Finally, we saw the first shining of the sun itself rise above the horizon.

It was, as we expected, an inspiring sunrise walk – just over 3 miles – and it made our coffee and breakfast back at the condo even tastier than usual. Below is a summary of our walk …

We enjoyed an 8 mile bike ride this afternoon, up to OverEasy Cafe, where we feasted on a generous lunch on their patio – with, thankfully, a big fan blowing right on us. Here we are, just after the final swallow.

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