November 4, 2019, Monday

After breakfast this morning, we took our first long walk on the beach, and it was as lovely as we had imagined. There were thin spreads of clouds across the east,

but somehow they didn’t lessen the elegance of the sunrise. The light among the clouds was multicolored, but consistently soft-and-silky-looking, and slowly shifting as the minutes passed. There were, of course, many beachcombers out and about, some striding along as if racing, others strolling in an easy way, others with heads down, hoping to find the loveliest shells. There was also one piece of ‘seashore art’, made with some of Sanibel’s famous shells …

Below are the details of our walk …

Here we are on our bikes in front of the Lighthouse Cafe, where we each enjoyed a yummy seafood salad for lunch today.

Our afternoon hours were spent in almost silent appreciation – some at the quiet beach, reading and watching fascinating people and birds, and some in the condo, with more reading, as well as keeping an eye on the subtle color-and-shape-shifting in the clouds beyond our big window. Here’s a photo at 5:50 pm …

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