October 30, 2019, Wednesday

It’s strange that fall leaf colors can be as beautiful on an overcast, misty day as on a day of bright sunshine. This morning, mist made a sort of soft veil over the river and the cemetery, but still the colors in the trees seemed wondrous. We walked in a wonderland once again, and it was an especially restful wonderland in this time of almost nonstop turmoil around the world. All turmoil has ended for the folks who are resting here, and the trees and bushes and birds here seem to understand that life should to be lived, not wrestled with. There’s no bluster and blather in this cemetery, only silent, serene harmony..

So many shades of green and brown …
Note the mist in the distance …
In a way, we come home every single moment …

Now, at 4:51 pm, I’m sitting in the living room looking out at one of the gentlest rains possible – almost just mist, but no, there are the tiniest see-through raindrops slowly showering down past the colorful trees. Our neighbor’s fiendish-looking inflated pumpkin (below) seems to be smirking in this softest of rains, as if saying, ‘Geez, rain, why be such a wimp ?’

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