On Friday morning, we took a brisk walk the length of Napatree Beach and back. It was, as Delycia pointed out, a remarkably clear day – one of the clearest we could recall at the beach – and we both enjoyed the pristine look of the sea and sky and clouds and faintly visible islands in the distance. One of the highlights, however, had nothing to do with the clearness of the air. It was the remarkable profusion of monarch butterflies on goldenrod flowers on a high dune at the start of our walk (see below).

We also noticed the creative work the waves had done on the sand, making lines the way an artist would love to do …

And … a few more pictures from the walk …

Our chalkboard poems for Friday, yesterday, and today …

While Delycia was home working in her garden this morning, I took another walk in beautiful Wilcox Park — not a strenuous one, but enough to leave me feeling refreshed and fortified.

And this evening, for an inspiring end to our day, we took a picnic supper down to Stonington Point to watch the sunset – and, as usual, we were well rewarded.

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