This morning, we rode again on the Kingston (RI) rail trail, a chilly but cheerful ride through the shadowy forest of what is known as The Great Swamp. This time, Delycia sprinted away at the start, and I had a hard time catching up with her. She was a hard-pumping powerhouse, and she left me fairly wiped out by the time we reached our halfway point, the coffee house known as Sweet Cakes Bakery and Cafe. However, I recovered nicely with the help of hot coffee and a scrumptious cranberry scone.

A tiny patio at the entrance to an apartment in Peacedale (our halfway point)

Sweet Cakes Bakery and Cafe, where we enjoyed our usual mid-morning treat
halfway through our ride.

Our chalkboard poem for today …

An absolutely majestic spider web that Delycia found on our porch this morning …

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