Yesterday was a very big day for our family: my grandson, Noah Converse Salsich, was inducted into the National Honor Society! Luckily, I was able to attend the ceremony with Jamie, and I shed many inside tears while this brave and good young man received this high honor. As I watched him stride across the stage to accept his NHS pin, I held in memory the many tears I heard being shed years ago as 2nd-grader Noah tried to get his homework finished. He obviously now loves the adventure of learning, as well as the thrill of helping the world around him be a better and brighter world. He’s a young man full of wonder, and wonderful powers, and our world has been steadily better since the day he was born.

Our chalkboard poem for today …

We went for another walk in Elm Grove Cemetery this morning, each going off in a different direction at our own pace and meeting back at the car. (We’ve found that, this way, a walk becomes sort of a solitary meditation for each of us, and gives us the chance to walk at our own chosen speed.) It was another lovely morning of light and coolness, and I did make some enlightening spiritual journeys as I walked through shadows and sunlight and cool winds alongside the Mystic River.

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