September 21, 2019

Our chalkboard poem for yesterday …

… and today …

A lovely thank-you note from grandson Louie!

Delycia was visiting her good friend Evelyn yesterday, so poor lonely Ham was on his own, sitting on his imaginary park bench …

But, he made the most of his lonesome day with a walk in a lovely, lonesome cemetery.

Yesterday afternoon, we took part, with Jamie and Jan, in a global warming protest rally in Westerly. I’d say there were about 50 people present, and there was a spirit of sincere and serious enthusiasm present. There were smiles and cheers, but they arose, not from flippancy and silliness, but from a feeling of solidarity with millions of people across the earth who are thoroughly concerned about the state of our planet. We were a band of 50, with countless friends around the earth.

My two signs at the protest …

Today, we rode the train – one of my favorite things to do – to Boston to meet Aaron and to attend a performance of the Boston Ballet (Aaron’s gift to us). It was truly one of the best performances I have seen – a 19th century classic called “Giselle”. The music and dancing was, as always at the Boston Ballet, spectacular, and the story of love, betrayal, and forgiveness brought genuine tears to my eyes, especially at the end of each act. I loved the entire day – the round trip on the train, our delicious lunch in Chinatown, the ballet, and the comradeship of three good friends.

Here we are, after the ballet, above the elegant main hall …

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