Yesterday, we drove up to Providence for my appointment with several neurologists who specialize in memory issues. I didn’t really want to do this, but now, looking back, I think it was a helpful visit for both Cia and me. I think we were both disappointed in the way my examination was conducted, as if I was a guinea pig going through some standardized tests to see how smart I was by how many tricks I could do. To me, it seemed similar to some of the silliness teachers and students have to participate in these days. It was a helpful visit, though, because it clarified, for both Delycia and me, some of the memory and cognitive issues folks my age sometimes have to deal with. I now see more clearly where I am on the cognitive/age continuum, and I have more understanding of the issues which are confronting many billions of elders around the globe.


Our chalkboard poem for today …

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