Walks, Worship, Lessons, Gifts, and Dill

August 11, 2019

Yesterday morning, we took a 3 mile walk on mostly flat roads in Mystic, a walk I thought would be fairly easy. However, it turned out to be a huffing-and-puffing-and perspiring walk for me, and I was lugging myself along by the time we finished. It might have been the swift (for me) pace we set, or perhaps it was the surprising heat I started to feel in what had been a very cool morning. Whatever the reason, the walk was wearying – but also very satisfying.

“Come on, Hammy. You can go faster!”

This morning, we climbed one of our favorite hills, the road leading into the Peace Sanctuary on the Mystic River. It’s a strenuous climb for me, but we always feel refreshed and revived when we’re finished. I think we both love the shady and quiet coolness of the forest around us as we climb.

Elegant, stately dill beside the patio . . .

Front yard poems for yesterday and today …

Matty came over this afternoon, and he and I sat out back in the shade and had an honest and inspiring conversation. We talked of deep and essential things in life, and I think we were both on the edge of tears at the end. Big love between dad and son.

Later, he sat with Delycia and gave her some good help on cleaning up her iPhone.



(overheard on a biking trail)

did you zip it she asked and then something zipped open in their lives

something let loose like love rolling around worldwide

then something like stars inside them unzipped and sent luminescence through all things

then freedom unfastened for them and thanked them for being who they are

then thoughts unzipped with amazing grace

and worries all at once zipped up and made no noise

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