Quiet Summer Mornings

I’m just now starting to remember, once again, how lovely the summer mornings are around our house. The last two mornings have been a special joy for me, as I lazily let the minutes make their way past me in their happy-go-lucky way. There’s a special silence in the very early morning – just soft birdsongs and the almost whispering traffic from the distant interstate, and almost no sounds from the nearby houses. Over the years, it’s sometimes been a sacred time for me, and lately I’ve been noticing that blessedness more and more.

This morning, for instance, Cia and I spent the early hours doing hard, silent work in the coolness. I shoveled and dumped dirt for about an hour, all the time appreciating the peacefulness of the silence around me, while Cia, for more than two hours, worked diligently and quietly among her front-yard flowers and shrubs.

Starting the day in such hushed peacefulness surely sets us up for happy hours ahead!

the gardener’s quiet morning work on the patio

below, a few of her beautiful flowers

Our chalkboard poem for today …

My poem for today ….


join in 

don’t miss the making of a new day 

take a close look at everything 

a thought like a spectacular view 

an exotic moment come and gone 

the gift of a good breeze 

there are millions of ways to wonder 

it’s starting right now

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