Back Home

August 5

We have been back home for a few days now, just easing back into our usual relaxed way of living together. We’ve had the AC going fairly steadily since returning, but today, bless its heart, is much cooler and breezier. We’ve had the windows open all day long, with fresh winds passing through most of the rooms. I have spent some time this morning shoveling and dumping dirt from our special pile onto various low spots around the front and back yard — a good all-body workout for me. Now, the pile is almost flat and it’s time for some quiet thinking and writing.

Delycia’s friend, Jean Schnell, from another Quaker meeting will be with us this evening for dinner and overnight. She’s a serious photographer, and came down from Framingham, MA this morning to visit our Westerly meeting house and take some photos. Cia met her at 9:00 and opened the door to the meeting house, and her Jean is spending the day there, just quietly meditating, watching the light change, and taking photos. It will be fun to see the results.

our chalkboard poem for today
… and yesterday

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