Three Happy Days for Three Friends

Aaron arrived at the cottage on Wednesday, around lunchtime, and we’ve had a whirlwind of fun ever since.

Shortly after he arrived, we spend some time at a wonderfully innovative sculpture park in Stockbridge, featuring some of the most bizarre and zany art works I can recall seeing. As always, visiting a place like that helped me get back in touch with the truth that the WHOLE UNIVERSE (including me) is totally bizarre and zany – and thankfully so!

mom and son inside a sculpture

On Thursday, Cia and Aaron took a 90-minute bike ride on a rail trail from Stockbridge to Adams, MA, near the famous Greylock Mountain. I dropped them off at the trailhead and then drove up to Adams, where I sat comfortably in the shade beside the bike trail, munching a snack and watching for my loved ones on their bikes.

Later that evening, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner, in honor of our 7th wedding anniversary, at a delightful French restaurant in Lee. Cia arranged this for us, and it was a true gift to me. Being sometimes a lazy and forgetful guy, I totally failed to honor the anniversary (even with a card!), but my beautiful, devoted wife came through with a priceless gift for the three of us. We sat in a perfectly cozy place by a big window, and the steak I had was truly one of the tastiest I can recall. During the dinner, we reminisced about our lucky life together, and I think Aaron enjoyed hearing our happy stories.

One of the highlights of the trip – for all of us, I think – were the two trips to the Jacob’s Pillow dance performances. We went with Aaron on Wednesday and again on Friday, and the performances were, as always, stunningly original and beautiful. A photo is below:

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