A Tour, a Beach, a Poem

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We have had great fun, the past two weeks. watching the famous bike race, the Tour de France. We tape it in the morning – the entire stage, usually 5+hours – and then watch selected parts in the afternoon, skipping the commercials. I have been a fan of the Tour for probably 30 years, and now Cia has jumped on the Tour bus in a serious way. She studies the action with care and listens attentively to the announcers and their complex discussions of strategies. Truthfully, I get a little lost as I watch, not able usually to follow the intense discussions of the teams’ master plans, but I love seeing the vast scenes in which the race takes place, and following the colorful riders as they roll along with their always amazing fierceness.

The Tour de France!

We had a wonderful walk on Napatree this morning – a brisk three miles out to the point and back. The sky was overcast, and a cool, stimulating wind was blowing, so the walk was definitely a refreshing one.

The Princess of Napatree on her throne

My Poem for Today:


Most of our neighbors can’t see us, 

no more than stars can see the silent dust in our streets, 

or slivers of distant sky can see the skin of our arms. 

Our neighbors are millions of miles away in gracious galaxies,

and also right next to us, 

in the shy, accommodating air that loves to come to our lungs, 

and in the sunlight that always looks for us. 

There is nothing that isn’t our neighbor, 

not the unselfish stars that smile at the rims of the universe,

not the flames that unfold at the center of our earth, 

our kind home which forever cares for us like a firm and affectionate friend.

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