Coolness, Curtains, Hummers, Rain

July 23, 8:00 am … We are blessed this morning with cool, quiet winds across the yard and through the open windows, a refreshing shift from the stale hot air of the last few days. I’m sitting in our bedroom (also my ‘office’), looking out the wide windows to rhododendron leaves and pine trees moving easily in the wind. A blessing, for sure, and a super way to start this day.

Yesterday, Cia was gone for a few hours (dentist, and then sitting at the dealership so our car could be serviced), so I worked by my lonesome at home – some writing, some reading on my phone set up on my new extension stick, some shoveling of dirt and reshaping of rose bush branches in my mom’s memorial garden, and – hopefully – some mindful moments now and then.

I have been thoroughly enjoying my reading on the iPhone extension stick. I’m able to sit up much straighter than usual, and I’m re-learning how to access many of my beloved spiritual works on the phone. Once again, I’m reminded how very easy it is to highlight and take notes on e-books, in addition to being easily able to raise the font to fit my eyes.

my handy iPhone extension stick — totally flexible!

As I’m writing, I’m noticing, now and then, Cia’s silky, see-through curtains swaying in this lovable cool breeze. Welcome, Mr. Coolness!

silky curtain, cool winds

Here is a hummingbird at Cia’s feeder outside the sunroom …

Listen to the sound of today’s soaking rain in this 20 sec. audio …

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