Roadside chalkboard poetry

For the last two weeks, I have written a brief poem on a chalkboard stand and set it in our front yard, close to the street, so walkers, riders, and drivers can, if they wish, stop and maybe gain some quiet inspiration. The poems are always very short and hopefully somewhat uplifting – nothing negative, and no politics, for sure.

I have slowly begun to thoroughly enjoy the process, including selecting the poetry lines to write each day, and also carefully choosing the colors and styles of the chalk writing. I purchased several packages of special outdoor waterproof chalk, and it’s been great fun to create a different appearance for each chalkboard poem. In a way, it feels like I’m actually publishing my poetry each day. Few genuine publishers have chosen my poems for publication, but this chalkboard poetry, in an odd and comforting way, is a different, and maybe more personal, kind of publishing. Each day I carefully self-publish a poem for my neighbors (anyone in the whole world) to personally read and enjoy, and each day – surprisingly to me – I have seen at least a few people stop and read the poem — and some have even taken photos of it!

I am grateful to Cia for being totally supportive of this project. In fact, I was ready to abandon it after just a few days, but she encouraged me, and almost  insisted that I continue. And I am glad I did.

Below are some of the early chalkboard poems. More to come, for sure!

Shared with gratitude … Ham



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