Three Friends and Cherries

May 28, 2019
     Yesterday, Matty came over after lunch, and we three spent several hours in the shade out back, carrying on a thoughtful, far-roaming conversation – typical of the kind of talks we have when Matty visits. It was a perfect pre-summer day – warm but not hot, with steady comforting breezes and the softest sunshine – and all this made our conversation even more memorable for me. We wandered from topic to topic, much of it springing from Matty’s customary wide and profound reading. (What helped us along, perhaps, was the ice water and plate of delicious cherries that Cia brought out on a tray for us.) In the end, when we gave our hugs and goodbyes, I felt both tired and refreshed – tired from thinking way down deep, and refreshed from having so many new ideas spring up in my mind. Thanks, Matty and Cia!

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