Good Friends, a River and a Hammock

May 24, 2019
            Today we had our good friends Sarah and Harvey over for lunch, and it was a laughter-filled few hours, for sure. I found it very relaxing to share thoughts across the table – thoughts and memories and stories and interests. We laughed almost non-stop as we sipped my homemade minestrone, and the gelato with rhubarb-strawberry sauce, was easy to enjoy while laughing. They are good friends, and it was good to refresh our friendship today.     
May 27

      This morning I took an invigorating 5 mile walk along River Road, under the softest of blue skies and helped along by lively May breezes. It was the longest walk I’ve done this season, and I felt comfortable and peppy the entire way. There’s something about this world that’s miraculous (no kidding!) and this morning beside the Mystic River I was witness to it once again in my awesomely lucky life.

a little rapids beside the river


Hard-working Cia has been loving the hammock these days, not for long lengths of time, but just for short reviving naps in the afternoon.

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