A Non-stop, Blossoming Worker

May 23, 2019

      Yesterday, I saw the 100,000th++flowering of my beloved wife, Delycia, and it was as though she blossomed, this time, into acres and acres of flowers. She’s been almost a non-stop, go-go worker since the day I met her (even though, oddly enough, she was sitting down in a very relaxed manner when I first met her at the Natick Mall), but the last few days have been like her engine’s been running at some kind of super-speed, as she’s gone through the house and yard with her scouring, flowering energies. At some point in the afternoon yesterday, I just sat back in my mind and marveled at what she was doing – marveled, I guess, at the ‘flowers’ my beloved was producing wherever she turned. In the last few weeks she has: thoroughly rearranged our overall budget, carefully analyzed our tax forms and discovered a serious discrepancy, laid down mulch among her widespread gardens and trimmed and weeded them, scoured and polished her bathroom, cleaned and removed several bookcases, etc. etc. etc. etc. Like the flowers in her gardens, she is always unfolding and flourishing, ever since I’ve known her, but in these last few days (weeks? months?) she’s been an absolute flowering storm. My hunch is I should just get out of the storm’s path, assist it as much as possible, and enjoy the amazement of it all.    

Delycia the Superworker!

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