Walking and Quizzing

May 22, 2019
            Yesterday, after breakfast, we did four fairly fast walks up and down the Peace Sanctuary road on a perfectly splendid spring morning. There was coolness, but just enough to keep us from perspiring, not enough to be uncomfortable. I did some good and quiet ‘Matty time’ meditations as we walked, always doing my best to keep up with fast-striding Cia.

Later, we drove up to Jamie’s for another evening with the kids, and it was, as usual, a steadily happy and relaxing time. For a few good minutes, Delycia and I sat outside on a gliding seat and enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere of Jamie’s property. We often sit outside at home, but yesterday we enjoyed the very special quiet at Jamie’s place, much quieter, strangely, than our home in our peaceful neighborhood in Mystic. We had a wonderful time during dinner, with me asking what I thought were fairly tough quiz questions and Noah and Ava (and Cia) answering them bing-bing-bing, with hardly a pause. I tried to eat my food, but my amazement and steady laughter made it difficult.

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