A Hard-laboring Lady

May 20, 2019
Today was beautiful almost summer-like day, a perfect one for working outside. Cia was outside almost from dawn to dark, pulling weeds, watering her thriving flowers and shrubs, trimming bushes, loading bags with brush for the landfill, digging out good soil from the brick planter in front of the porch that we’ve decided to do away with,
and cleaning the last of the firewood from the porch. I was amazed, but shouldn’t have been, because it was just Cia being Cia – working and working and accomplishing and accomplishing.

And what did I accomplish today? Well, I wrote a poem I like in the morning, did some excellent spiritual reading, and then, after lunch, visited a senior-living facility with Cia near our house, just by way of checking it out. We had a friendly, fairly thorough tour, including one apartment, but I think, in the end, we were not overly impressed. The chances of us ending up at Masonicare are fairly slim to none.

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