Petunias and a 3-Miler

May 17 Friday
For the last few days I have been preparing my mom’s memorial petunia garden – cleaning out the year’s debris, digging up sprouts of weeds and miscellaneous debris, and – just today – setting in the first of 26 petunia plants. It’s a cool day with light rain sprinkles now and then, so I had to call it quits around 4:00, but tomorrow looks like somewhat sunny weather, so I should be able to plant the remaining flowers. I’ve been thinking of my mom and her dear love of flowers, but, probably because she was always busy caring for 9 children, she had little time for serious gardening, so she would send one of us out to the nursery sometime in early May to purchase her beloved annuals, of which petunias were among her favorites. Now, many years after her passing, her petunias will be spreading and shining with colors for the next few months, and I will sometimes sit beside her garden and talk quietly with my dearly beloved mom.

Yesterday, we walked to downtown Mystic and back (about 3 miles), and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It’s a somewhat noisy route, along busy Rte. 27, but I managed to think about things other than the noise – like how lucky my life is and always has been –
which managed to make it a very pleasant walk with my dearest friend in the world.  

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