Silence, the Power of Spoken Words, and a Day for Grandparents

Ava working on a History assignment during Grandparents Day
April 26, 2019

Yesterday, we went to our bi-weekly centering prayer gathering at our friend Gunilla’s home, and it was a small but quietly spirited meeting. Delycia and I sat in silence for an hour, with two other friends, and it seemed like all of us felt the flow of inspiration during those minutes.

We had to leave early, around 5:15, in order to drive over to Jamestown, where we would meet with another group of friends – the poetry gathering organized by two of our friends from the shoreline area of Rhode Island. The drive over to Jamestown was easy and pleasant, mostly because of the springtime evening light in the sky, which allowed us to appreciate the shoreline and inland scenery as we drove along in the slowly decreasing but still refreshing light. The poetry gathering, as it was the first time we met with that group, a hugely inspirational one for me, mostly because of two young poets who stood up and recited from memory some forceful and deeply-felt poems. I told Delycia I don’t recall in my memory ever hearing better poems spoken aloud by anyone – and the fact that they were recited from memory, with no book or cellphone to guide them, was especially remarkable to me. I have heard hundreds, maybe thousands, of poems spoken aloud over the years of my life, but never have I heard more powerful words delivered in a more poetic, personal, and fearless way.

April 27, 2019
Yesterday, we attended the annual Grandparents Day at The Rectory School, where we had a chance to meet with Ava’s other grandparents, John and Kath and Jan, and I think both Delycia and I enjoyed the occasion. I’m not sure young Ava enjoyed it, however, with her shyness and reserved personality. I saw some blushing cheeks on her several times throughout the day, but it warmed my heart to be with her, and with Delycia, and with John and Kath and Jan. It was a family finding companionship with each other in simple ways (smiles, hugs, handshakes, sincere conversation) – even though Ava may have wished it was over before it even began!


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