Sharp Readers – and One Careful Listener

April 23, 2019    

Last night, we attended our biweekly book discussion group, and an interesting thing happened. Usually, I am a fairly regular contributor during these discussions, but last night I found myself sitting in silence through most of the 90 minutes, just enjoying the comments made by my fellow readers. I realized, before too many minutes had passed, that these folks had read the short stories much more carefully than I had. Around the table, my fellow readers were excited, interested, talkative, full of smiles and curiosity, and obviously enjoying themselves as they discussed the three short stories we had read, while I found myself leaning forward, listening, and being thoroughly impressed with the insights my fellow book club members were demonstrating and sharing. I guess you could say it was a “wake up call” for me, since it helped me realize that I can’t just read quickly any of the stories or books we read in this group. My fellow club members are sharp, intense readers, and if I don’t wake up, I might be left behind!


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