Easter Magic

April 22, 2019

Yesterday, we drove up to Annie’s home in Northampton, to help her and Gabe and Louie celebrate Easter Sunday. It was a wonderful trip for us, a friendly, easygoing visit, and overall, one of the most memorable family days I can recall. No, it wasn’t the whole family, but we five seem to sense that this was indeed a special family gathering. The drive up, for me, was peaceful and regenerating, since I simply sat in the passenger seat – reading, watching the beautiful scenery, and doing some quiet thinking. (On the way home, I did the driving and Delycia was able to do some relaxing – surely much needed – of her own.)       

 At Annie and Gabe’s home, we chatted, laughed, played some games, and I was able to help Louie learn to do the two magic tricks I had brought for him. These are very simple tricks, but they are perfectly mysterious tricks also, if they are done with care and practice. Louie and I practiced and talked for a long time, and I loved watching him practice with excitement in his eyes. We may have a young magician on our hands!       For lunch, we took a very nice walk into midtown Northampton, with Louie holding my hand, and we ate at a quaint, almost full café that both Annie and Gabe suggested. We all had “bowls” of some sort, a dish that this café specializes in. We talked and laughed and enjoyed our food, and yes, Louie continued to do some practicing on his magic tricks.     

We said goodbye around 3 o’clock, and headed home on a lovely afternoon, although we did run into a few raindrops here and there along the way. We were both happy to get home, and spent the next few hours just sort of dozing and wandering around the house, unwinding and enjoying thoughts about the day. Bedtime came early for both of us – around 8:30, if I remember correctly.

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