Two Days of Friendship

April 20, 2019 

On Thursday, Matty came over for lunch, and we had a wonderful 3 ½ hours of serious, heartfelt conversation, followed by a scrumptious lunch prepared by Delycia. Honestly, I don’t ever recall having such a serious, fulfilling, lengthy conversation with anyone, and especially one of my own children. We covered miles and miles of topics in our discussion, but almost all of it was concerning fairly deep questions – like what is life all about? and who are we? and what is the meaning of reality? It was quite an adventure for me, and I think for all of us. There we were, sitting quietly in a comfortable living room, but flowing along with thoughts that seemed, to me, to spread out around us like brightening skies. It was an illuminating few hours for me, and I hope for all of us. And then – we sat down to a simply delicious lunch prepared by Delycia – tasty steak and perfectly marinated beans and tomatoes. Food for the gods!            

Then – an equally rewarding adventure for me – yesterday we drove up to visit with our friends Peter and Evelyn, and enjoyed a perfect few hours of camaraderie. I sometimes have felt like a newcomer in this group of three very good long-time friends, but yesterday I was one of those friends. It felt like we were truly a group of four. I felt fortunate to be there with them.

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