Moving, Reading, Thinking, Coffee, Sunshine

April 18th, 2019    

     We took a long, leisurely drive up to Boston yesterday, in order for Delycia to visit a good friend. I was a bit sleepy during the drive (Cia was driving), but I managed to do some lazy but serious thinking during the drive, almost like a moving meditation. I have noticed that I very much enjoy moving, either in a car when someone else is driving or on the train when we go to Boston, because for some reason I am able to enjoy either reading or thinking more when I’m moving then when I am just sitting still somewhere.

     While Delycia was visiting with her friend, I enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee at Panera, just thinking, reading a little, and enjoying the family atmosphere in the café during this school holiday week. After coffee, I walked across the street and sat on a bench in springtime sunshine in the small park in the middle of the town of Newton. I was surprised to be able to sit outside, since the morning hours back in Mystic had been chilly, but in Newton, the weather had warmed up nicely so an old, serene guy could be cared for by the spring sunshine for at least a few minutes. I read a little from a beloved spiritual book of mine, highlighting and underlining special passages, pausing now and then to let the wisdom of the word sink in and to feel the flow of the warming April air. It was really a feeling like paradise for me, but to be honest, most of my minutes in these years in my 70s seem to be pretty close to paradise.

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