A Sense of the Infinite

     I sometimes find myself thinking about elements  of life that seem to be infinite – elements that don’t have starting points or ending places, that have no boundaries or borders or edges or limits. These are the intangible parts of life, the parts that can’t be seen or touched but that stay with us forever and flow without end from everywhere to everywhere. The love we feel for family and friends, for instance, and for life itself, is as infinite as the universe. It has no limits, no boundaries where suddenly the love is blocked and stops. The sky, perhaps, has a far distant place where stars can’t shine, but love knows no such place, and will shine unfailingly everywhere and forever. Gentleness, too, is infinite. What barrier can bring gentleness to a stop, or what power can prevail over its soft, unceasing authority?  And of course there’s the endless present moment, the moment that never starts and never ends and can never be destroyed. The present is infinite, always here and now, always able to endure beyond the borders of space and time in this infinitely vast life we’re all living.

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