Simple but Beautiful – the Day and the Dinner

April 16, 2019           

Yesterday was a fairly quiet one for us – we who often seem busy with dozens of activities in these senior, supposedly easygoing years. One of the highlights for me on this happy-go-lucky day was the wondrously simply dinner that Delycia prepared for us. It was nothing ‘special’ – just a luscious meatloaf and carrots glazed with ginger and the juice of an orange. I loved it, in the same way that I always love the simplest of things, including modest days like yesterday.             

One of the simple things we did was walk briskly on the treadmills at the YMCA. We had intended to walk on the beach in Watch Hill, but the weather turned rainy as we started out, so we headed back to the Y and got a good workout (me in my beach-walking clothes) on the treadmills (even though it meant watching the big screen TVs and their portrayal of the tragic fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.)


      … on the beach, before the rain came


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