A Morning of Silence – and Worship

April 15, 2019           

Yesterday, we had a long, satisfying morning of ‘worship’ – not worship like in a church, and not the worship of a ‘god’ that’s up in the sky somewhere, but worship of the present moment, worship of the mysteries of right here and right now.           

We began around 5:00 a.m., when Delycia and I came together in the sunroom, softly tapped our chiming bell, and began an hour of silent meditation, surrounded by the battery-powered candle lights flickering in the early darkness and the bright geranium and amaryllis blossoms.     

At 6:00, we had a quiet breakfast together, followed by an almost silent walk in lovely Wilcox Park. There was an enchanting mist, almost fog, in the park, which made the walk seem somehow mysterious, perhaps even sacred, as though we were participating in some spiritual ceremony. I love that park, and yesterday morning I felt a sort of devotion to it, as though it was an actual outdoor place of worship.            

Around 9:00, we went to the Quaker meeting house to participate in what is called ‘a meeting for worship with attention to business”, or just ‘business meeting’. This is a monthly meeting in which Quakers all over the world gather to discuss the financial aspects of their local meeting house. It’s a business meeting, but the Quakers also treat it as a meeting for worship. By doing business in a peaceful, friendly way, they feel like they are actually worshiping the infinite Spirit, or Light, of the universe. Our business meeting yesterday gave both of us another opportunity for silent meditation, as we spoke only briefly at the very end of the 80-minute meeting. As our friends around us spoke and discussed, we tried our best to hold them and us and everything ‘in the Light’, as a Quaker might say.            

Then, at 10:30, the actual meeting for worship began – 60 minutes of absolute silence among perhaps 20 other worshipers. On two occasions, friends stood up and shared a brief thought that had come to them, and then sat down and continued in silence. It was, as it usually is for me, 60 minutes of peace and inspiration.            

I wish I could type a very soft-looking WOW, because that’s what I feel when I think about yesterday morning’s almost 7 hours of silent and blessed tranquility.

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