A Devoted Gardener, Power, and Poetry

… a beautiful, devoted gardener

April 14, 2019           

Yesterday, we attended a spiritual discussion at our Quaker Meeting house on the topic of “waiting on the Lord”, an old and much-loved Quaker phrase. It was clear from the get-go that none of us thought of “the Lord” as some super-person sitting up in the clouds and passing judgment on we people down below (which is the idea many of us probably had in our youth).  We all agreed, I think, that “the Lord” refers to a power existing in the universe that is greater than any one of us, and that ‘waiting’ on this power (or maybe the Power) simply means getting quiet, turning inward, being patient, and listening for what messages may come. For me, it was a refreshing and inspiring 90 minutes – just having a group of friends together and sharing insights about something that is far more important than our usual daily concerns. I actually ‘waited’ a lot during the discussion, just quietly listening to my friends and finding much wisdom in what they said.             

Later, we drove to Peacedale, RI, where I took part in a poetry reading organized by a fellow participant in our Westerly poetry groups. It was quite an honor for me to sit on the stage with seven other poets – not famous, well-published poets, but people who simply love putting words down on paper (or, like me, on the computer screen). I was proud to be there, and proud to have Cia sitting in the front row, just a few feet from me.

.Image result for cartoon image poet reading

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