Having Fun, Two Ways

April 12, 2019

     We went to the Y after lunch yesterday for our daily workout, and I decided to do a quiet, almost meditative upper body workout – no super-high heartbeats, no exhaustion, just slow and steady raising and lowering of weights. It was fun to go from machine to machine in the fairly empty workout rooms, just patiently pumping away, feeling my breath coming somewhat harder and stronger, looking around occasionally at the other men and women working hard, and sometimes stopping to stare out the huge windows at the always lovely seacoast just beyond us.

Here’s beardless Hammy having fun …

     Later, we went to a friend’s home for our bimonthly ‘centering prayer’ gathering. There were just four of us this time, sitting silently for 60 minutes and then sharing some thoughts at the end, and I found it to be a fulfilling way to start bringing the day to a close. I almost fell asleep a few times, but that seemed almost fitting, since the day itself was starting to fall asleep. Overall, it was 60+ minutes of insight and peacefulness for me, as it usually is.


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