CLAMs for Friends

April 9, 2019

Yesterday we attended the bi-weekly meeting of our classics book club, called CLAM (Classic Literature At Mystic), and I think we both found it to be a fulfilling and friendly evening. The discussion concerned some Hemingway stories, and the words we shared opened some new doors for me on these sometimes puzzling stories. Hemingway wrote in a simple, straightforward style, almost to the point of putting a reader to sleep, but yet there is something strong inside his writing, sort of like an iceberg carrying tons of weight beneath the surface (a metaphor that someone mentioned last night. Delycia and I both said that the discussion was friendly and spirited (even with occasional interruptions), and we agreed that that these are kind and congenial people, and friendship awaits us every other Tuesday evening.


… friendly animals admiring two friends on my desk

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